Monday, March 23, 2009

Brushah Brushah Brushah!

Per mommy:

I love our mornings together.  My job allows me to hit the snooze on the alarm clock until about 8 or 8:30am.  This allows me more time to snuggle with you in bed, feel your baby skin and smell your baby hair.  The best time in my life is when I get to slowly wake up with you and talk to you in the morning.  I hate fighting you for every little thing, like brushing your teeth, what to have for breakfast and taking medicine....but I love that little things like brushing your nose when we brush your teeth makes you smile....I love every little detail about you.

Morning Conversations:

J: Nighttime is for waking up!
J: Mommy!  It's time to get up! Time to get up in the mornin'!
M: Are you hungry?
J: No...I'm sleepy!
M: Are you ready to get up for school?
J: No, I'm hungry!
M:  Do you want waffles?
J: No, I want RED cereal.
M: RED cereal?
J: Yes!  RED cereal....not yellow (cherrios).
M: (pulls out red package of fruit loop knock offs)
M: Take some medicine first (notices slight cough)
M: But it's still delicious....drink it up!
J: NO!
M: *stern look*
J: I don't WANT it!  It's not RED....Buzz Lightyear likes Purple.....I don't like purple one.

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