Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morning Quips: part 1

M: Jacob! It's time to get up! (sings) It's time to get up in the mor-nin.

J: *lazily* mommy.....sunday comes before monday.....

M: well, yes it does! It's time to get up in the mor-nin!

J: *pulls covers over head*


M: *pours cup of coffee in wonder woman mug*

J: HEY! MOMMY! (points to cup) THERE YOU ARE! Look! There's TWO of you on that cup!

M: *grateful for early brainwashing*.....yes baby, yes it is....there I am.....*smirks*


M: Jacob, put your socks and shoes on! We have to get ready for school!

J: Mommy.....I want to wear my SKETCHERS.

M: Jacob, you don't HAVE any sketchers.

J: Yes I DO! *points to Wal-Mart brand shoes*

M: OH! Why do you need to wear your 'SKETCHERS' ??

J: because mommy..... SKETCHERS make you cool!


M: Jacob, do you want Do-Nuts for breakfast today?

J: Yes! I want Do-Nuts!

M: Well, go to the money cup and get your money so you can pay for them.

J: Ok...*grabs a dollar bill*. Mommy! I got my MONEY!

M: That's good! Now you need to pick out FIVE big silver circles. Those are QUARTERS!

J: *sifts through the cup for change* Mommy! Look! I have FIVE BIG ONES!

M: That means you have a two dollars and 25 cents!

J: YES! That's right! *clueless*

(drives up to the do-nut shop)

J: I want to go in and pay for my do-nuts!

M: ok!

J: *waiting patiently in line eyeing the chocolate do-nuts*

J: Mommy! I want a chocolate do-nut with BEAUTIFUL sprinkles and FIVE little do-nuts! (do-nut holes).

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