Thursday, November 5, 2009

You're Beautiful Mommy

The word for the month is 'beautiful'.

Jacob has figured out that if Mommy is upset, telling her, 'mommy? you're beautiful', always helps soften the blow.

Lately, Jacob has been very 'in-tune' with matching his colors in his wardrobe. He will insist that he dress himself and then pop up downstairs with "How do I look?" This morning, he arrived downstairs with Christmas Reindeer socks that light up, black Lightening McQueen shoes, Blue and Red cotton shorts and a super hero red shirt. LOVE IT.

Ever masculine, super heros are the name of the game. Jacob likes to put his own spin and wear my high heel shoes while dressed as Spiderman.

It's been very sweet to have Jacob express his love for Joel and I.

J: mommy? do you know how much I love you?
M: how much?
J: I love you 100 minutes!
M:wow! That is A LOT OF LOVE!
J: I know!
M: Jacob, do you know how much I love YOU?
J: how much?
M: I love you 400 minutes!
J: NO! That's not enough.... I love you 199 minutes!
M: Oh wow!

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