Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday! Today you are FIVE!

Today marks your 5th year on this Earth. This year, we are lucky to have celebrated on our annual ski trip. Spiderman cupcakes and pizza last night to celebrate John's birthday too, we are having a blast.

Snow Report:

The Arrowhead mountain was super slick this year with ice in the afternoons the first few days. We opted to Ski Beaver Creek. Yesterday wasn't a great day even though the slopes were groomed. The morning was great but the afternoon was very icy. I can't handle ice skating with skis and Joel bit it on Centennial (lower black under the lift) due to the fact it was literally a wall of ice. Thank God he decided to purchase a helmet the day before, but now we need knee, shoulder and elbow pads. I swear he can find a reason to buy something. Yet, I continue on for 25 years with literally some of the same gear. I wasn't having fun on the slopes and after his fall we decided to quit around 2:00pm.

Today we are going to put all those ski school skills they learned over the last week to the test. Jacob and Will (his best friend) are so exhausted from skiing but they are really doing well and having a great time. All of us are going to ski the mountain and I think take the gondola up (buckaroo express) and ski the little greens that they are used to. Although, with 13 people, everyone has an opinion on how the plan should go.

This morning we woke up to three inches (new) and it looks like it's snowing on the top of Beaver Creek / Arrowhead. We haven't ventured out yet but today is the day we are skiing with the boys. Jacob did really great this week and today is his birthday. He was sleeping with us last night (well, every night) and when we whispered "Happy Birthday!", he whispered back " I can't wait to see how BIG I am". Everyone made a big deal about how much he had grown and how tall he had gotten overnight, just to keep the game going. So cute.

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