Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Through Your Lens

Through your lens, my child is star kissed, moon beamed, captured bliss. Through your lens, my child is limitless.
Through your lens, my baby is ever loving, preserved sweetly, religious.
Your lens. Your heaven. Your Angels. Your kiss.

My baby, once needy, now greedy... for smiles.
My child, once shy, now the star... of the show.
My baby. My child. My adolescence...realized.

Lisa, this one came to me. Glass of wine? Sure. Heart? Always.

I received photos of Jacob, in his graduation day cap and gown from Pre-school. I still have the old calendars and first photos you ever took of him. His smile, in these images, is posed and sweet, and my heart is broken.

Thank you for allowing me to capture his milestones.....emerging youth, sweet beauty. Thank you.

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