Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Little nuggets of our day to day are spent smelling the butter-cups. When I find myself going through the daily grind and following too close to routine, I peel off the path and end up in park. The Pearland Park. Kids squealing, Dogs playing, buttercups blooming, Splash Pad working (finally!). Jacob, Spot and I are geared up: "mommy? I think we should go to Spot's park first, THEN my park, OK?". This after weeks of fits over whose park we always go to first. Spot gets dibs so he can play and get exhausted. Works like a charm. After fifteen minutes and several doggie kisses later, we run like the wind to Jacob's park. The splash pad is full of kids. No matter that we didn't prepare with a towel and swim trunks. No problem at all. Hopefully Jacob will remember this lesson in imperfection leading to sheer happiness. That being flexible in any situation will lead to playful success.

No swim suit.
No towel.
No problem.
Let's get wet!

If you could run screaming to any destination, where would that be? Today, it was Pearland Splash Park.

We draw a crowd as we go to leave. A little girl, a tad aggressive and bothersome, wants to pet Spot. She apparently is very weary that he might bite her, but not enough to prevent her from continuing to try. We excuse ourselves as she tries to extract the leash from my hands and I see Jacob running into a flower filled field. He is searching, searching. I am mildly annoyed he left me to deal with the little girl. As I catch up with him, he quickly finds the perfect pink buttercup. He holds it high in the air towards me just as my thoughts drift to those tender moments when he picks a beautiful flower for me. Just as I start to break a smile, " mommy! can you help me give this beautiful flower to that girl?"

This. Is. The. Moment. Record it mommy. This is the moment. This is the day. Above all other days. I now have to share my flowers with annoying little girls.

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