Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello Muthah, Hello Fathah...Greatings from Camp...Schafer Drama!

It was a dark and dreary night.....

Not really. As the thunder clouds roll into Houston for our first Tropical Depression, my own little version has started to dissipate.

Last Thursday, after a week of all night work and follow-up, The Schafer clan headed for the Leisure Resort RV Park to enjoy our annual R&R with The Rogers clan. Family friends since birth, Thom and Jen and their brood are a few of the families that we truly have a great connection with and enjoy short vacations. After purchasing a POP-UP trailer, The Rogers suggested we get together at a fun family camp after school let out. Sounds good enough.

Per usual, the trek to San Marcos was filled with snacks, good conversation and general Jacobisms. One fun Jacobism on the way up: "Daddy? Why are we on Earth and what does Earth mean?" We stopped in Luling, TX. and grabbed some of the fresh fruits and veggies for our camping trip from the local growers. After all, it was the "watermelon thump" and we couldn't pass up fresh produce!

Once we rolled into the camp, got parked and walked around our campsite a minute, Jacob decides to head for the river. Not quite ready for a dip or to let my new little swimmer rage against the current, I suggested he try the playground instead. Within site, I didn't think anything of it. While we were settling in with The Rogers and getting unpacked, I hear my little monkey and his all-too-obvious yell coming from the playground. He was holding his wrist but I didn't think it was a big deal. My over dramatic son tends to over exaggerate most painful situations. Joel went to 'rescue' him and came back carrying a broken boy.

After mastering the fine art of monkey bar gymnastics, Jacob was confident that he could make it across this set with no problem. One tiny tug across the bars and he fell and broke his left arm. A retired physician that works at the resort happened to be around and offered to take a look. After ice and kisses, Jacob agreed to the 'appointment'. His only words were, 'yep! better go have that looked at'.

He suggested a new Seton hospital outside of San Marcos in Kyle, TX. Thankfully, it was a Thursday afternoon and a new small town facility. The ER was empty and the attending nurse saw us before we could finish signing in completely. He agreed that it was broken and we prayed that we might 'get lucky'. All I could think of at this point was, "it sure would be nice if they had vodka in vending machines".

We got into a room right away and the ER doctors assessed him, took x-rays and wrapped him in a splint in under three hours. So much for our River Trip!

Not wanting to ruin our trip, I decided that we should tough it out. We figured out how to make his cast 'water proof' by double wrapping it in dried out ICE bags and attaching it with waterproof skin tape. Jacob was the hit with all the cute, bikini clad, river rats and by the end of our stay was the most popular little boy at camp. We met a great couple that stayed at a campsite next to us and cooked out on the campfire and grill every night.

We had a great time cooking, swimming, playing music and spending time with our friends. By the time we went home on Sunday, I think we were all a little well-done. Monday rolls around and it turns out, the doc at the ER had set his arm really well. So, one blue Spiderman arm cast later and we are back in business!

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