Friday, September 17, 2010

Chariots of Fire: The mommy version

Breaking News:  I lost my keys.

Rewind to 3:02pm today.  Mommy at work station, pre-occupied by the typical last minute edits to artwork.  Impending banner crisis and client happiness are on the line.  3:02pm.  She looks up at the clock, tuna hardening in a bowl not inches from her last dipped chip.  What?  Initial panic sets in....but wait!  Carpool line lasts at LEAST 20 minutes.  Heart rate subsides.  Mommy slips on her shoes and grabs a glass of water for the arduous 2 minute ride to Savannah Lakes Elementary School.  Keys.....Keys....Keys.....hmmmmm.  Where ARE her keys?  Drawers. Table Top. Desk. Kitchen.  Drawers. Table Top, Desk. Kitchen.  BATHROOM.  POWDER ROOM. Panic is setting in.

3:10pm. DRAWERS. DRAWERS. DRAWERS. Tears start to rape her eyes.  Lip, quivers.  KEYS! KEYS! KEYS!  WHERE ARE THE GAWD-DAMMED KEYS??????  Please.  GOD!  Show her the KEYS!

3:15pm.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  RRRREEEEEAAAAALLLLLLYYYYY?????  JOEL.  He must have picked up the keys.  Dialing, Voice Mail, Dialing, Voice Mail, PANICKING, Dialing, Dialing, Dialing. Nothing.

3:20PM.  Jacob.....Oh my GOD!  Jacob!  Does she walk?  No time.  RUN???  Mommy is weeping.  Can't think clearly.  Jacob, he must be so alone.  Mommy isn't in the usual place at the usual time.  Panic.  Tears accosting her face.  You have to do what you have to do girl, now is the time.  Did the Tummy Tuck Take?  Mommy straps on her running shorts, and shoes.  Sports bra?  WHERE IS THE F@#$%*! sports BRA!!!!!!!!!  Found, she pounces on the concrete like an Olympian.

3:25pm.  Already too late.  Mommy should have thought of this sooner.  Jacob will be crying.  He won't know what to do!  All the other kids are outside being picked up RIGHT NOW.  Teachers are shoveling kids into cars.  There is no car today.

She hasn't seen a concrete jungle like this one in months, YEARS!  Cell phone in hand, she runs.  Weeping, Panicking.  How long will this take?  How fast can I get there?  Running, Running, Running.....panting.....Running, Running, Running.  Legs burning, she forgets the knot in her neck AND the $50 bucks she won last night at never ends but it will come back.

Mommy descends on the school.  Desperate.  No cars left.  No announcements being made.  No teachers shoveling kids.  No Jacob in sight.  She reaches the front doors and glimpses something twirling inside.  Marvel backpack, spinning, spinning, spinning.  And then...that smile!  That "MOMMY!" smile.  Relief.  Jacob is excited.  Cared for, cool inside.  Mommy collapses on the bench.  "Jacob!  Mommy is SO sorry that she was late!  Please forgive me!  Mommy lost her keys and had to run here to get you!  I should have left earlier....".  Big Hugs.

Mommy and Jacob leave the school and start a leisurely walk home, hand in hand.  Forever labeled, Jacob stands confused.  "Mommy?  I'm not a WALKER, I'm a RIDER!".  "Well Jacob, today we are walking home."  Mommy starts to cull her thoughts.  KEYS.  Damn KEYS!  Sweet boy....where are they.  Thinking, Thinking, Thinking....

"Mommy?  It's OK if you pick me up late's OK."
"Jacob?  I love you so much!  I am SO proud of you for being such a big boy and waiting for me!"
"I KNOW! And I didn't even CRY about that"
"Mommy lost her keys and she is so sorry that she didn't leave earlier to come get you!  And you know what Jacob?"
"What Mommy?"
"I think I remember where I left them.....Sometimes, when you are panicked about something, your brain shuts off and you can't even remember to think!"
"Mommy?  What is panic and why did your brain shut off?"

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