Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ski Trip: Travel Day

The last time we traveled to Park City, Utah, it was without incident.  It was just the three of us.  Jacob, Joel and I and we were staying with a family friend at her condo.  Million dollar penthouse is more like it.  I must say, we are spoiled rotten when it comes to ski trips.  Mom and Dad pick up the condo and take care of most of the living details.  Last year, we traveled to Arrowhead in Beaver Creek / Vail.  We stayed at a fabulous ski in / ski out resort and were spoiled with amazing decor and fantastic views.  The snow wasn't great last year, but we had a great time.

THIS YEAR, we knew the travel would be stressful and staying with family is stressful no matter what.  Everyone has their style of parenting, discipline and things that get annoying.  As I write this, everyone has a cellphone beeping, iPAD blinking, charger missing, speaker phone on, kid screaming, parent yelling, toy fighting and movie going.  Needless to say, the travel day was not stress free.

We started off great.  If we weren't going to be able to get out of the stress of living with several people over the next week, at least we wanted a stress free travel day.  Not happening.  Due to the belts going out at the airport that carry luggage, my sister and her brood missed their flight.  Luckily (wink) they were able to get on OUR flight.  Mom and Dad made the next flight out and got stuck in Vegas for 12 hours.  Our flight left on time and stopped in Austin.  Once there, the flight connecting to ours was late so we ended up with a hour and a half delay.  Good thing we were supposed to have an hour and a half layover in Phoenix.  (can someone say non-stop?) We take off for Phoenix and once there, all restaurants are closed and we have another one hour delay.  We finally get on the flight and settled into our seats and all seems well.  Joel, Jacob and I sit near the front of the plane so we can get to the baggage claim faster.  Once we land, the family two rows up feel it necessary to start a conversation with another family and literally BLOCK us all from exiting the plane.  Finally, Joel and I literally (at the same time) yell at the guy to take the conversation off the plane and onto the terminal.  We had been traveling all day and it was over. 

We settled in and into our (dip in the middle) bed.  This after fighting over who was sleeping in what bed.

Let the GAMES begin!

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