Monday, February 14, 2011

Should'a - Would'a - Could'a

Mommy sits here writing a little blurb about 'should'a - would'a - could'a'. 

There once was the fair maiden, that lived in a castle, far, far away.  She yearned for a little prince charming that would capture her heart.  The fair maiden had so much love to give that it overwhelmed her.  Then, one day, her little prince charming arrived.  She began scrap-booking, making custom printed valentine's and even hand cut star shaped sandwiches to show all her love. 

After a year or so passed, the fair maiden started to get busy cleaning up after the evil step sisters, 'should'a, would'a and could'a'.  Although her love never faded, it was always suffocated by the evil sisters.  Should'a called her early in the mornings with last minute tasks and urgent tasks.  Would'a always waited until lunchtime with important tasks that needed to be handled immediately.  Could'a was the laziest of them all and slept all day.  She waited until the mid-night hour to wake the fair maiden with notes about forgotten tasks.  Dealing with the step sisters demands proved to be too much for the fair maiden.  She locked herself away, drowning in stress, depression and confusion.

One day, as the fair maiden was up working late, the little prince charming tugged on her apron.  His big blue eyes stared straight into her soul.  She could see how the evil step sisters were killing her passion, her dreams and her excitement for handcrafting treasures to shower the little prince.  Slowly but surely, the fair maiden started to awaken from her fog.  She no longer allowed the evil step sisters determine her fate.  She found a way to start enjoying her little prince charming, balancing the evil sisters and handcrafting treasures to fill her soul with love and light.

And they lived happily ever after in Legoland.

The End!

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