Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Evening Quips

Let me first start by saying that my son is the epitome of eclectic.  Here, I will set the environment for you.
  1. Jacob in Star Wars underwear
  2. Prince of Persia movie on the TV
  3. Lego Prince of Persia set up behind couch in proper fighting battle stations
  4. Jacob wields a wooden sword from the Texas Renaisance Festival using a British accent while singing Tik-Tok by Ke$ha with same British accent.  
Our evening is always a fun little sampling of quips, sarcastic realities and literal fabulous-ness.

I will close with a wonderful exchange between mother and son:

M: I just want to snuggle and cuddle and kiss and hug you FOREVER!
J: But I wanna go to Field Day tomorrow!

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