Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The "System"

Dear Governor Perry, you retarded hair spray hog, I'm the one that wrote to you BEFORE I got pregnant about independent health policies NOT covering women that planned the births of their children. I took your hint and changed jobs so I could suck off the system like everyone else. Now, my child is in your vile public school system getting screened AGAIN for the district GT Program. The only reason we are fighting to be apart of your elite (3 child) pogroms is to gain access to the dual language program. I find it hard to believe that our district allocates millions of dollars to an ESL (English Second Language) program and we have to fight you to learn Spanish. My son came to your district from the Harvard of daycares knowing how to read, write and speak Spanish. Your district goal was to learn to count to 100 in English. He knew how to read, write and recite this task in dual languages. Your goal as a district was to know colors. He knew this is both English and Spanish. What say you? Strap your boots on and come see me. Or rebate my $29,000 pre-k education so you could undermine it in less than one year. Como se shitty?

It isn't that I care that my son is labeled GT. I care that he have access to a program that currently only three children are deemed "good for". I care that dual languages are learned in the early elementary years, not as an elective in middle school.

Call me after you get finished with your manicure. Let's chat about your border wars and bullshit Texas school law.

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