Thursday, September 29, 2011

Worn Out

This year, for "back to school", I decided to shake my habit of always buying new things and supplies. Jacob had uniform shirts from last year and they are still wearable. Pants that still have life in them can be used in lieu of new clothes. And the illustrious backpack! It has a few worn out spots, however it still carries books back and forth to school. Every evening and every morning, we argue about taking LEGOS to school.

Last night, as we diligently prepared said backpack for service the next day, Jacob made a gut wrenching statement. "mommy, I put my LEGO guys in the side pocket so I won'l lose them. If I put them in the main part, they fall through the holes."

UGH! I am trying to repurpose things. This really cramps my roll.

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