Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Jacob has discoverd the use of WELL and ACTUALLY in sentences.

Today's uses:

m: do you want some pizza?
j: no. i don't eat pizza.
m: i like pizza.
j: no. i don't like pizza.
m: what do you want to eat for dinner?
j: well, i like watermelon.
j: i wanna eat red watermelon.

j: mommy, i colored my hand!
m: really? it's beautiful! can i see?
j: well, YES!
m: can i keep it?
j: well, i can color another hand....
j: actually, i can hang it on the refrigilator.
m: can we get rid of the letters on here and give them to Riley?
j: no. We can't give them to Riley.
m: why not? he would like the letters. we can get rid of them and hang all your artwork on the refrigerator.
j: actually, i talked to Riley today.
m: you did? (Jacob is 3.5 and Riley is 2 and doesn't speak)
j: YES! he is staying at home with Ms. Joanna.
j: he said he likes water. riley can't say that words. we can't say stupid.
m: what did Riley say?
j: well, Riley hit my head and my eyes. *shows me a reinactment*
j:Riley punched me on the head.
j: *starts to sing* Happy Birthday to you.........
m: do you like the water?
j: no
j:he said chicken sandwich.
m: do you like chicken sandwiches?
j: no. you can't eat hanburgers....*starts the UCK, YUCK....throwup noises.....fingers in face.....blah!*

m: *farts*
j: what'd you say?
m: *smiles*
j: mommy girl, did you fart?
m: noooooo, mommies don't fart. they poot.
j: mommy, you pooped!
m: no, i POOT.
j: you POOT?
m: yes

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