Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday's Funnies

We took a little time off for the fourth of July.  I had a lot of fun with NANA at the Tiki Island parade.  I played with Will and Riley.  Riley hit me on the head.  We went swimming with Aunt Lynn and her friends.  I like the water.  I pee peed in the grass because I swallowed so much pool water.  I threw the ball in the water and NAGGIE (maggie) went after it.  She's a chocolate lab.

I poo pooed in the potty for Percy.  Aunt Lori has my Percy.

Today's Funny:

Daddy: Did you poo poo in the potty?
Jacob: Yes, I did!  It's a Dolphin! (because it's so big)
Daddy:  It sure is!

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