Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We're having a PARTY!

Thanksgiving was just another party in the sea of everlasting daycare parties Jacob's has to contend with each year. He made turkey designs galore, letters out of macaroni, and drawings of every kind. Of course, they won't keep them at school. If I were to keep ALL artwork created by Jacob since his temure in daycare, I could open my own gallery.

We had 20 people over this year. It was 'our' year. We were happy to do it.

Jacob entertained as usual with his blabber and talk of adventures in Thomas the Train and Dora the Explorer. To keep him in line, we mention Santa and his appearance this year if Jacob is a good boy.

Jacob: mommy! the lights! it's Santa!
Mommy: Jacob, that's the moon!
Jacob: no it's not! It's santa!
Mommy: ok. It's Santa.

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