Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Funny Hump Day News...

Jacob:  put your hands down
daddy: *rarrrrrrr*
Jacob: laughing.....OOOWWW!
Jacob: Daddy you hurt me!
Daddy: How did I hurt you!
Jacob: you hugged me too hard!
Daddy: hugs aren't supposed to hurt.


Jacob:  *slaps floor*
Daddy:  what was that?
Jacob: I'm kickin' butt......


Jacob: (climbs to highest point on couch)
Jacob: "TO INFINITY...AND BEYON!!!!!"  (can't pronounce the D)
Jacob: (dives off couch and does a belly flop)


Jacob: Mommy, I want to do AGAIN to daddy.
mommy: huh?
Jacob: daddy don't push it!

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