Sunday, April 26, 2009

Buzz Light Year! TO THE RESCUE!

Daddy had his 38th birthday yesterday.  It was different than all our other parties.  We invited only those couples that had kids your age (4-5).  

You played well with Cameron and Simon.  

Simon brought you a Buzz Light Year costume and you IMMEDIATELY asked to put it on and stayed in costume all night long.  

This morning you woke me up by asking me to put your space suit on:

J: *whispers* Mommy, wake up!
M: *no answer*
J: *whispering* Mommy, it's time to wake up.  It's time for Buzz Light Year.
M: *no answer*
J: *a little louder* Mommy!  it's sunny outside!  It's time for waking up!  Please Mommy, please!
M: It's not time to wake up.
J: Yes it is!  It's time for Buzz Light Year!
M: *grumbles* Go ask daddy.


M: Jacob?
J: Yes?
M: I love you.
J: Of COURSE you do!

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