Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Funnies:

M: Oh look! My babies (plumeria) are sagging! What do I do?
J: What happened? Are they sad?
M: Yes. They are very sad.
J: Are they crying?
M: I'm not sure. But I have to cut them back now.


M: Get out of the tub and get your clothes on!
J: mommy, I'm cold!
M: well, here, put your shirt on and shorts on.
J: mommy! these shorts don't match my shirt! Spiderman shorts don't go with a Thomas the Tank Engine SHIRT!
J: wait! my spider web is stuck in my shirt!
M: *throws the web on the floor!!!!*
J: Mommy! Toys don't GO on the floor! Look at what a MESS my room is! *picks up the web*
M: laughing....

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