Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Heart

And you.....with your laugh, so big and strong. Melting my heart with smiles abundant. Who do you think you are? That forgiveness, so RICH! How dare you? Don't you talk sweet to will get you everywhere. If you show me your SPIDERMAN muscles one more time....I swear!

If that never dies, I will be forever grateful. That spirit of love that infects me with whimsy and charm. Restless arms and limitless heart. I can't bear to think of ever being without it. I am addicted and punished by pure, innocent silence. The kind of words that never need speaking. I don't know why I crave you so.

My sweet, sweet little boy. Thanks to the Universe your heart grows faster than your limbs. It knows you will outlast your days and put shame to memories. Simple paper and pen, lens and album will never capture. Your heart is light and pure. Just right for all my blessed days.

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