Monday, May 17, 2010

The Call

Both Joel and I have been traveling a lot and saving our family and friends from situations that force us to pass Jacob off from time to time.  That being said, we both try to talk to Jacob all the time no matter what and let him know we love him dearly.  These are excerpts from our calls:

Jacob:  Mommy? This is Batman.
Mommy:  Hello Batman.
Jacob: *seriously* Hello.
Mommy: I love you Batman.
Jacob: I love you too.

Mommy: Can I still call you Jacob?  I love the name Jacob.
Jacob: Yes mommy, you can always call me Jacob.  I will love you no matter what.
Mommy: I love YOU no matter what...Always and forever.
Jacob: Always and forever, one billion, million, one thousand six times.
Mommy: me too.

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