Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

And so the story left untold, is the not greatest story of all. Welcome to the Savannah Lakes Elementary School. Jacob is five and a half years old and head and shoulders taller than any Kindergartener I know. It's plain to see that Jacob took to his first day with ease and delight. It's hard not to love a school with an open-air library filled with interactive tools, stuffed African animals and positive banners and flags waving you on! We walked steadily towards the "Aquatics" wing of the school. Quite fitting, I must say, being that he is a little Aquarian! Our water baby walks the halls with great white sharks and sea turtles and swims up to room 502 where he was promptly welcomed into a new class. Seems like they had been waiting for him for years. It was a great feeling of calm coupled with fantastic feelings of security. This is where he is meant to be.... AND, no one made fun of his 'hobo-style' lunch bandana! They all thought it was really cool, in fact, that Jacob's lunch hankie had a neatly wrapped package that made a perfect red placemat. I'm sure they all were AMAZED at how simple and reusable this little invention is...whatever mom. I'm taking that one while I can get away with it.
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