Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today, I wee through Jacobs school folder and find his Thanksgiving work / Art. I find a music score where he has notes and words, a feather giving thanks for his family / dogs / mom & dad, a school exercise writing a formal note to Brooke and the new holiday calendar.

We are so blessed to have a sweet natured boy that still cries, loves his mommy and can be independent too! The note to Brooke went like this:

Dear Brooke,
I hope I can come to your house tomorrow morning to play captain america.

Your Friend, Jacob

That little boy is just as excited about the upcoming Christmas holiday. Ever grateful, he marked his books of LEGOS up with "I want this one, and this one, and this one, and this one too!". Ugh!

This brings me to a conversation I'm having with other people and myself. What defines us? What defines me? Is there one shining moment we all hope we get and recognize? What if we miss it? What if someone takes it away? Is it over? Do we stay in limbo wondering what its all about? Or, do we get another chance?

My opinion? We make our way, they way doesn't make us. We have a choice, no matter what others choose for us or themselves. Even in the most horrible of circumstances, there is still choice.

Are we defined by our children? Our choices? Or have we always had permission to revel in tiny life moments and successes? Are we defined by our neighbors shortcomings, or our own? Unthinkable, the answer is this. We define happiness, the moments we chose to call our own and glorious opportunities that are taken, unabashedly without regrets. That's what I think.

What makes you a champion? Do you forgive yourself for imperfection or wallow in the short falls of it? Do you recall, remember, what made you great in your own mind? Is it wonderful? It should be.

Can you forget what others might think? Can you find the core reasons why purple makes you happy? Find joy in simplicity: Piano music, show-tunes, antiques, the rich flavor of a seasoned family that you created, knowing it will never go away, only get better with time?

Do you even know that you were once a stage mom, a soccer coach, a swim mom, a truck driver, a famous designer, a feisty wife, a broker of friendships, a world traveler, a glorious companion, a details watcher, a champion shopper, a lousy skier, an epic wine drinker, a tree planter, gardener, animal shelter, hole filler, forgiveness seeker and tradition preservationist? Did you know that it wasn't over yet? Do you understand that the best parts are happening now and you're missing it?

Columbus didn't think too long and hard on why he should sail for the new world, he just sailed. I give you permission to sail.

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