Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bonus Features

"Mommy? When we're done with this, can we watch the bonus features? I like the bonus features."

Upon finishing the newer version of Alice in Wonderland movie, Jacob asks me a simple, yet poignant question. This question struck me. We don't give enough credit to those around us for making our life easier, for battling our daily battles, listening to us, mentoring us and being instruments in our growth. We don't take time to understand the people "behind the scenes" that make our lives fabulous.

I give you permission to watch and appreciate your "behind the scenes".

A few women I want to appreciate:

Dee Savoy (My Mom)
Diana Coward (Brookes Mom)
Erin Toberman (Nathan's Mom)
Lynn Schafer (Eli & Josh Mom)
Jill Vidal (Grace & Jack Mom)
Kat Creech (Madison & Jack Mom)
Michelle Barry (Ethan's Mom)
Joanna Harris (Riley & Ellie Mom)
Jennifer Jordan Rogers (Troy & Summer's Mom)
Laura Bernardi Piovesana (soon to be mom)
Summer Hutches (soon to be mom)

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